If you’ve ever dreamed of working in a fancy Michelin-starred restaurant alongside chefs like Thomas Keller and Gordon Ramsay, a career in hospitality could be just the right fit. Learn about the highest-paying careers in hospitality and find out how a Hospitality Management degree can be a stepping stone to a great job.

The Five Highest-Paying Hospitality Careers

Here are five of the best-paying careers available to you with a Hospitality Management degree.

Event Manager

Event managers plan, organize, and manage events for their employers. You’ll often see them working at hotels and conference centers. 

With a job in event planning, you’ll manage event spaces, book hotel rooms for guests, schedule catering, and ensure events go off without a hitch.

Event managers and planners make an average of $52,560 per year.


How would you like to work in an upscale restaurant on a cruise ship recommending wine to prestigious clients? A sommelier’s duties include suggesting wine pairings to customers, creating wine lists, and ordering wine from vineyards.

Sommeliers earn about $54,441 annually.

Food Service Director

If you’d like a career in the food and beverage industry, consider a food service director position. Food service directors serve as behind-the-scenes heroes in restaurants. They do things like keep track of inventory, make schedules, train employees, and set menu prices.

With a Hospitality Management degree, food service directors earn an average of $61,310.

Travel Manager 

If you have a knack for planning killer vacations, you could thrive in a career as a travel manager. Travel managers are among the best-paid workers in the tourism industry, with a typical salary of $63,470

They make travel arrangements for clients, plan itineraries, book hotel rooms, and look for the best deals on travel packages.

Executive Chef

Are you a true virtuoso in the kitchen? A career as an executive chef could be your calling. In addition to coming up with a restaurant’s menu, executive chefs manage kitchen staff, collect feedback on food quality, and ensure employees prepare food to the restaurant’s standards.

Executive chefs earn an average of $76,977 per year.

Can a Degree Help You Score Your Dream Job in Hospitality?

If you want to stay competitive for the very best jobs in hospitality, a Hospitality Management degree could be the ticket! A Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Hospitality Management teaches you everything you need to know about marketing, management, finances, and economics.

During your student learning program, you’ll pick up valuable skills with courses such as Operations Management, Business Ethics, and Critical Thinking in Business. To learn more about this program, contact Everglades University at (888) 854-8308.