Aviation jobs involve far more than becoming a pilot or flight attendant. If you’re fascinated by flying, you can join numerous aviation industry careers, from air traffic control to maintenance crew positions. 

Aviation careers can be quite rewarding, exciting, and challenging and require a high level of education beyond standard degrees. Read on to learn about the educational path required to work in airport management roles, plus the diverse aviation administration positions you may take on after acquiring your degree. 

The Educational Path to Joining a Career in Aviation 

If you want to work in managerial positions beyond entry-level aviation roles, you will typically need a Master’s degree in Aviation Science, which is offered at Everglades University. With your aviation degree, you can concentrate on aviation management for aircraft operations careers. 

The curriculum includes intensive coursework on airway transportation, communication systems, and human factors affecting aviation, such as psychology. The concentration in Aviation Operations Management coursework will span things like security, management, logistics, airline operations, and more.

Primary topics you will learn during your curriculum include the following:

  • Airway transportation systems
  • Airport operations
  • Aerospace communication and logistics
  • Aircraft simulations
  • Aerospace logistics
  • Crew resource management
  • Systems safety
  • Security program management

Exploring Diverse Aviation Careers for Endless Possibilities 

After getting a degree in aviation, you can join a wide variety of aviation careers, depending on your interests:

Airline, Aviation, or Airport Management

If you envision yourself working in aviation management, you have many options, including airline, security, and business management. 

Aircraft Mechanic or Aeronautical Engineer

If management isn’t for you, you may also work on the technical side in an engineering or mechanical position. In such careers, you will focus on repair work, construction, designing aircraft, and more. 

Air Traffic Controller

As an air traffic controller, you maintain a highly important position. Your job is to coordinate the movement of different aircraft in the air and on the ground to ensure all airplanes maintain safe distances. 

Airport Security Manager

Airport security managers are in charge of creating and implementing various safety protocols. You may need customer service skills and comfort in dealing with sensitive situations. 


When you think of aviation careers, meteorologists may not come to mind first, but they play an important role at the airport. You must monitor weather conditions to help airlines understand safety conditions. 

Are You Interested in an Aviation Career? Take the First Step Today

At Everglades University, we offer online and in-person aviation degrees taught by highly skilled, experienced professors. If you’re interested in aviation careers, you can begin by enrolling in our Bachelor of Science degree in Aviation ManagementApply online today for Everglades University to take the first step toward your future in aviation.