Do you aspire to make a difference in local communities, promote health and welfare programs, or influence healthcare policies impacting millions of people? Consider a Master’s degree in Public Health Administration degree (MPH). This type of graduate program can equip you for a meaningful, rewarding career with both private organizations and government entities like the Department of Health and Human Services, among others. 

What Is Healthcare Policy?

Basically, healthcare policy is what guides the U.S. healthcare system. It includes elements like privacy in healthcare systems, safety protocols in public health, access to healthcare programs, mental health services, drug policies, and more. Healthcare policies regulate the quality of healthcare on the individual, communal, and nationwide levels. 

What’s a Master’s in Public Health Administration?

A Master’s in Public Health Administration is a graduate program that may qualify you for various advanced positions in public health administration. Students who pursue this degree commit to an intense 12-month program that includes courses in:

  • Public healthcare systems
  • Community health assessment
  • Public health practices
  • Epidemiology
  • Biostatistics and health informatics
  • Influencing healthcare policies
  • Public health law

How Pursuing an MPH Degree May Allow You to Influence Public Health Policies

Public health administration often addresses community healthcare issues like government-funded health insurance, public healthcare centers, and healthcare programs for low-income individuals. 

A Master’s in Public Health Administration will give you a wealth of knowledge and skills in public health policy, health ethics, state and federal regulations, and managerial best practices in the context of public health.

You’ll have a chance to help reinforce current policies and initiate new programs that answer the health needs of local communities. Your qualifications and experience may allow you to promote better access to healthcare, mitigate the spread of infectious diseases, and forward initiatives that improve public health.

Work Opportunities in Public Health Administration 

Public health administrators manage and supervise all types of non-clinical operations in healthcare organizations like hospitals, clinics, and public health centers. Most MPH graduates work with government offices, hospitals, insurance networks, and nonprofits. Professionals with an MPH can:

  • Assess community health needs
  • Promote healthcare education programs 
  • Manage community outreach plans
  • Organize fundraisers and draft grant proposals
  • Manage budgets for healthcare organizations
  • Initiate regulations that protect public health and well-being

Start a Meaningful Career in Public Health With a Master’s in Public Health Administration at Everglades University

A Master’s in Public Health Administration (MPH) gives you a chance to influence public health policies and improve the lives of communities across the U.S. Sign up for our 12-month MPH program today and open the door to diverse career options in local, state, and federal public health organizations. Discover more now!