Hospitality management is a diverse degree that can prepare you for a career in various customer-facing industries, including restaurant management. Here’s how a degree in hospitality management can help you manage a restaurant.

Learn to Work in a Fast-Paced Environment 

Hospitality management is unique from traditional management because practically every hospitality job is fast-paced. Running a restaurant involves many essential skills, including knowing how to perform well in an environment where numerous tasks are demanding your attention at once. 

Through a hospitality management degree, you’ll learn how to quickly triage all the tasks on your agenda to prioritize the most important or urgent tasks and avoid wasting time. You’ll also learn how to effectively multi-task while balancing several logistical concerns in your mind at a time. You wouldn’t necessarily learn these skills through a traditional business management degree. 

Know How to Manage a Unified Team 

Running a restaurant requires you to manage a team of diverse roles working together toward a common goal. You have the front-of-house staff, the kitchen staff, and the wait staff, just to name a few. Within each category are subsections you also need to manage, like the head chef, line cooks, and dishwashers within the kitchen staff. 

Your degree in hospitality management will teach you how to lead and manage all of these different teams while unifying them toward the common goal of satisfying customers. 

Understand the Unique Challenges of Running a Restaurant

As a restaurant manager, you’ll face unique challenges compared to running other types of businesses outside the hospitality sector. You must thoroughly understand skills like:

  • Food preparation
  • Kitchen sanitation
  • Customer service
  • Event planning
  • Ordering food
  • Staff scheduling

Through a hospitality management degree, you’ll take courses that teach you specific skills involved in running a restaurant. For example, most include a Food and Beverage Management course that teaches how to operate a food establishment safely. 

Set Yourself Apart From Other Applicants 

Not every applicant for a restaurant management position will have a college degree, let alone a degree in hospitality management. If your goal is to one day manage a restaurant, seeking a hospitality management degree can give you a leg up above the competition, improving your chances of immediately securing a management position instead of working your way up the ladder. 

Explore Hospitality Management at Everglades University

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