If you’d like to move beyond working in construction to leading construction projects, you may want to study construction management. Degrees in this field combine technical knowledge with business skills to prepare you to work as a construction manager, project manager, or property manager.

A construction management education not only provides a solid construction foundation but also teaches analytical, leadership, and customer service skills. In addition to upping your earning potential, this can help you move from construction jobs to construction management careers.

Learn what construction managers do, what you learn in construction management programs, and how a construction management degree can help your future career.

What Is Construction Management?

Construction project managers oversee projects from start to finish. As a construction manager, you have a wide variety of responsibilities that require multiple skill sets.

While construction managers may work in different areas — such as residential, commercial, development, or civil construction — they all tend to need the same core skills. These include the following:

  • Budgeting: Setting budgets, estimating costs, and adjusting to unforeseen financial setbacks
  • Time management: Laying out timelines, handling scheduling, and delivering projects on time
  • Contract management: Overseeing the responsibilities, budgets, and deadlines with a variety of subcontractors
  • Safety management: Ensuring a safe construction site for both workers and passersby
  • Leadership and teamwork: Leading effectively while delegating work to employees, subcontractors, or other managers
  • Communication and customer service: Developing strong relationships and communicating clearly while working with employees, clients, inspectors, city officials, and others

What Would a Construction Management Degree Teach Me?

Construction management degrees combine technical construction knowledge with business management training. You may take the following courses while studying in a construction management program:

Construction foundation courses that teach:

  • Construction techniques
  • Soil mechanics
  • Strengths of materials
  • Masonry design
  • Heating and cooling systems
  • Mechanical and electrical systems

Business management courses covering:

  • Construction contracts
  • Financial controls 
  • Cost estimating 
  • Business ethics
  • Construction law

How Would a Construction Management Degree Help My Career?

While not all construction managers have college degrees, degrees can boost construction management careers in various ways. First of all, a degree can increase your earning potential. Although your salary depends on many factors including your work experience, the median wage of a construction manager was $101,480 in May 2022

A degree can also give you an advantage in a competitive hiring market. Potential employers in the construction industry will know you have both the technical knowledge and the management skills to take on projects from start to finish.

Construction management degrees can prepare you to work in other fields, such as land surveying, site engineering, or any other career that requires in-demand analytical, technical, and project management skills. 

Enrolling in a Bachelor of Science with a major in Construction Management at Everglades University opens you up to many opportunities and construction management careers. Apply today!