Sustainability careers are reshaping the planet’s future. If you want to make a positive impact on the environment, this is the right course of study. By enrolling as a Sustainability major at Everglades University, you can begin your path to sustainability jobs ranging from green careers in landscape architecture and renewable energy to environmental engineering, urban planning, and more. 

What Does a Bachelor of Science Degree With a Major in Sustainability Look Like?

The Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Sustainability focuses on environmental science, community planning, sustainable best practices, public health, and more. Throughout the curriculum, you’ll learn the skills needed for sustainability management, consulting, research, and environmental analysis, preparing you for a range of environmental careers. 

The upper-level coursework in the degree includes topics surrounding the comprehensive repercussions of sustainability in various industries. The program covers the following:

  • Energy policies
  • Energy and the Environment
  • Communication and Environmental Justice
  • Justice and Sustainability
  • Business Excellence through Engineering Reasoning
  • U.S. Environmental Policy and Management
  • Environmental Technology and Management
  • Environmental Impact Analysis
  • Cost of Sustainability
  • And more

Different Sustainability Careers You Can Join

Upon obtaining your BS degree with a major in Sustainability, you can join many renewable energy careers or eco-friendly jobs, such as the following:

Sustainability Analysis or Consulting

By joining sustainability analysis or consulting careers, you will help businesses stay on top of the latest trends or regulations in renewable sourcing, sustainable business processes, and environmental science. 

Energy Management

In energy management, you will focus on controlling energy consumption by providing efficient systems for a wide range of industries, such as construction sectors or commercial buildings. 

Environmental Engineering

As an environmental engineer, you can apply engineering and scientific knowledge to protect the environment, improve planetary health, and devise solutions to various problems. 

Landscape Architecture or Urban Planning

In landscape architecture, you can focus on developing creative, sustainable designs for outdoor areas through land surveying and planning to reduce environmental harm. As an urban planner, you can help organizations better design and allocate their land usage through sustainable and scalable designs that often involve entire parks, neighborhoods, roadways, and more.

Environmental Geology and Conservation Careers

In environmental geology, you can focus on studying the planet to locate potential concerns or solutions, such as alternative energy sources. If you want to focus on conservation, you can delve into a career that protects and preserves diverse environments through resource protection, research, policy implementation, and more.

Begin Your Sustainability Career Today

If you’re interested in sustainability careers, apply online to Everglades University to enroll in our online or in-person Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Sustainability.