Do you dream of a satisfying career enabling you to promote sustainability and wise management of natural resources? An Environmental Policy degree may be the right choice for you. A B.Sc. with a major in environmental policy studies could open the door to lucrative jobs in environmental compliance, regulatory planning, environmental science, and more.

As climate and ecology considerations gain a stronger position in the public and private sectors, the demand for environmental regulation specialists will likely grow in the upcoming years. 

What Is an Environmental Law and Policy Degree?

An Environmental Policy degree at Everglades University is a Bachelor of Science focusing on the business and management aspects of environmental regulation. Students who choose this degree will gain a strong background in sustainability policies, global climate change, industrialization and its impact on ecology, environmental planning, and more. 

Beyond technical and legal knowledge, this type of study program seeks to equip students with soft skills like critical thinking, efficient management, and communication. Graduates may apply for a broad range of jobs in various industries or continue to more advanced environmental and sustainable development policy programs. 

What to Expect When Studying for a Degree in Environmental Governance 

If you sign up for an Environmental Policy degree, you’ll complete various general education and interdisciplinary courses like political science, macroeconomics, and financial management. The core of the program, however, consists of specialized courses like:

  • Energy and the Environment
  • Communication and Environmental Justice
  • Coastal Environmental Management
  • Global Environmental Politics
  • Environmental Impact Analysis

Career Openings for Graduates of Environmental Policy Studies

Depending on your goals and any additional education, a degree in Environmental Policy allows you to work in various industries like manufacturing, construction, and transportation, as well as government agencies and nonprofits. 

Environmental Compliance

Environmental compliance inspectors ensure that businesses and organizations follow environmental regulations. This may involve inspecting licenses and records, preparing reports, and investigating compliance violations. 

Water and Wastewater Management

Water and wastewater engineers work on drinking water, flood prevention, sewage, and wastewater management projects. They ensure compliance with regulations that control water supply systems, wastewater collection, and wastewater treatment plants.

Environmental Science

Environmental science is a broad field that covers pollution, environmental hazards, public health, and more. Environmental specialists collect and analyze data to provide professional expertise that will serve as groundwork for environmental standards.

Sign Up for an Environmental Policy and Management Degree at Everglades University

Check out the Environmental Policy and Management Degree at Everglades University and take the first step toward an exciting, meaningful career. This program is a full 41-month undergraduate degree that will equip you for a wide range of jobs in the field.

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