Hospitality Management incorporates a lot of different entities, including economics, marketing and management and those in this field can work at a variety of places, from large corporations to hotels and restaurants. But hospitality is also a changing field that requires its’ employees to keep up with new ideas and standards. 


The main changes the hospitality industry has seen include: 


Technology changing how people manage hospitality– No longer do people call hotels to book, or more so, even use the hotel or airline’s main website. Instead, people are using multiple different sites and programs, including social media sites, to find travel deals, locations, and places to stay, eat and visit. This has changed the job for managers as they are having to look at new ways to attract customers and stand out among other competitors. 


Guest satisfaction is more important than ever- With online review sites becoming a go-to for guests before they book, it’s more important than ever for managers to ensure that each guest is treated properly. At restaurants, this means providing great service, while hotels should try and cater more to the guest and their overall stay. 


Guests want different things- Whether it’s wanting a smaller selection of menu items tailored to their tastes or more room choices for their hotel stay, the needs and wants of clients are constantly changing. 


At Everglades University, we prepare our students for these changes by providing a program that focuses on all aspects of hospitality, from the computer software they need to know to the communication skills they will implement daily. Students can expect to take courses such as business ethics, management information systems, marketing management, global strategy and policy and more, and will use the skills from each of these courses to become successful managers in the hospitality realm. Upon graduation, students will be prepared to enter the field as managers, supervisors and assistants. 


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