If you consider yourself a humanitarian, you’re in the right place. That’s because Everglades University offers a Bachelor of Science degree with a Major in Disaster and Crisis Management. You, too, can create change on a local, national, and even global level, and it all starts here. If any of the above gets your heart racing, read on, because this program may be just the fit for you.

What is Disaster and Crisis Management?

Disaster and crisis management means dealing with emergencies—specifically in aiding those who need help. For our purposes, “preparation,” “response,” and “recovery” are words to keep in mind. Assisting refugees, the homeless, and victims of terrorism or natural disasters all fall under the crisis management umbrella.

What Does the Disaster and Crisis Management Program Offer?

The Disaster and Crisis Management program prepares students for entry-level careers in humanitarianism, administration, and disaster relief. It emphasizes critical thinking, business knowledge, planning, management, and many more widely-applicable skills. Additionally, we develop students’ communication skills for navigating the oft-sensitive environments and people they may encounter in the crisis management field.

At Everglades, you will take several general electives alongside your degree program classes, so that you graduate a well-rounded individual. Complete your degree either online or in-person—it’s all about what suits you best!

What Courses Do I Need to Take to Get My Disaster and Crisis Management Degree?

Approximately 3.5 to 4 years of study—in other words, 123 credits—are all it takes to earn your Disaster and Crisis Management degree. As we mentioned previously, you’ll take several general electives to round out your degree-specific courses, such as College Algebra, American Lit, and Political Science. We encourage you to take deeper dives into the electives that most capture your interest; there’s plenty of room in the program to discover new passions alongside your primary field of study.

In addition, students will complete lower-division required courses for the major. These courses, such as Intro to Sustainability and Basic Emergency Planning, build a foundation for more challenging degree work down the line. Next follows 21 credits’ worth of Interdisciplinary Studies—or, alternately, mid-level courses such as Financial Management and Macroeconomics.

Upper-division courses allow you to demonstrate your mastery of the Disaster and Crisis Management program. These include 54 credits of intellectually-rigorous courses such as Crisis and Disaster Psychology, Terrorism and Homeland Security, and Emergency Preparedness and Response.

Has all this got you excited? Click here for a full list of credit options!

How Do I Know if I’m the Right Fit for the Crisis Management Program?

Are you a natural-born leader—or could you see yourself as one, with the proper guidance? Do humanitarianism and business management sound like a match made in heaven? Are you responsive, communicative, and a critical thinker?

If so, you should request more information about the Disaster and Crisis Management Program. Give us a call at (888) 854-8308 or explore further possibilities at evergladesuniversity.edu. We look forward to hearing from you!