Are you passionate about leadership and design? Do you enjoy seeing your work through from start to finish? Are you adept at project planning, time management, and budgeting? If you answered “yes” to the above, our Bachelor of Science degree in Construction Management might be just the fit for you. Want to know for sure? Then keep reading!

What is Construction Management?

Construction management means overseeing the design, planning, and of course, construction of projects, both large and small. The best construction managers have extensive knowledge of ethics, safety regulations, and the field’s quality standards. They’re successful at managing teams of all sizes, and can see the big picture and the most minute details.

Here at Everglades, we take the degree one step further, with a purposefully “green” approach to construction management. Who says that construction work, no matter the number of materials, has to be wasteful?

What Does the Construction Management Program Offer?

The construction management program prepares graduates for productive, entry-level careers in the industry as project and property managers. As always, though, your degree is what you make of it—a construction management B.Sc. can mean careers in ethics, leadership, design, theory, and sustainability, as well.

As is par for the course at Everglades, we require several general electives in addition to your degree program classes, so that you further hone your real-world skills. And if you’re not sure whether to take courses online or in person, not to worry; we offer both.

What Courses Do I Need to Take to Get My Construction Management Degree?

Four years of study—i.e., around 123 credits—are all that stand between you and a Construction Management degree. Those include the general electives we mentioned earlier, such as English Comp, Political Science, and Intro to Psych. We encourage you to mix and match your general electives with degree-specific courses, which provide much deeper dives into your field of study.

Students are also expected to take lower and upper-level required courses for the Construction Management major, as well as 21 credits worth of Interdisciplinary Studies. Lower-division courses may involve intros to sustainability, construction techniques, OSHA standards, and much more. From there, you have your choice of interdisciplinary classes—or, if those aren’t for you, substitute courses in accounting, macroeconomics, specification plans, and the like.

Once you’ve mastered the basics, you’ll advance to upper-level courses around your third and fourth year. Specifically, we mean 54 credits’ worth of in-depth studies, such as Soil Mechanics, Green Sustainability, Concrete Masonry Design, and so on.

Want to peruse the Construction Management catalog in greater detail? Click here to view your credit options!

How Do I Know if I’m the Right Fit for the Construction Management Program?

Are you analytical and business-minded? Does the thought of overseeing large building projects excite you? Are you committed to sustainability in an ever-changing construction industry? If you answered “yes” to the above, we know you’d be an excellent fit for the program. 

Learn more at or call (888) 854-8308. We can’t wait to be a part of your future!