Degree Program: Alternative/Renewable Energy

Do you care deeply about the environment? Do you want to take that passion one step further and turn “going green” into a college degree—and from there, a career? Then the Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Alternative/Renewable Energy may be just the route for you. But what exactly does this degree require, and how will you know if you’re the right fit for the program? Let’s find out.

What is Alternative/Renewable Energy?

As its name suggests, alternative and renewable energy are gathered from renewable resources that aren’t in mainstream use. We’re talking wind, rain, sunlight, geothermal heat, and so on. If your energy source circumvents the use of harmful fossil fuels and nuclear power, chances are it’s alternative and/or renewable. If your energy source diminishes natural spaces or otherwise harms the environment, it isn’t classified as such.

What Does the Alternative/Renewable Energy Degree Program Offer?

The Alternative/Renewable Energy program prepares students for entry-level jobs in environmental policy and management fields. Students will learn to navigate the continually-changing energy industry in disciplines such as renewable energy consulting, sustainable storage, and construction. 

Here at Everglades, you’re required to take several general electives alongside your degree program classes, ensuring that you’ll leave us a well-rounded individual. You can complete your degree either online or in-person—whichever suits you best.

What Courses Do I Need to Take to Get My Alternative/Renewable Energy Degree?

An Alternative/Renewable Energy degree requires 123 credits—i.e., around four years of study. As we mentioned above, we also require general electives, such as College Algebra, American Literature, and Intro to Computer Applications. You are encouraged to mix and match your general and major-specific courses, both to balance your workload and to take deeper dives into the fields of study you find most captivating.

Besides general electives, students are expected to complete lower-division required courses for the major. These include business management courses, such as Accounting, Intro to Sustainability, Energy Regulations, and Energy Management. You’ll follow this up with 21 credits worth of interdisciplinary studies, so that your degree strongly matches your projected career track. If interdisciplinary studies aren’t for you, we offer classes such as Intro to Marketing, Macroeconomics, and Financial Management as substitutes.

As third and fourth-year students, you’ll get to demonstrate your mastery of the degree with upper-division required courses. That means 54 credits in subjects such as Construction Safety, Energy Policy, Wind Energy, and Biomass.

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How Do I Know If I’m the Right Fit for the Alternative/Renewable Energy Program?

Are you interested in a career in business management—specifically one that consciously takes a “green” approach? Are you just plain interested in sustainability, energy policy, or the Earth’s natural resources? A “yes” to any of the above tells us you should request more information about the Alternative/Renewable Energy degree program today. Learn more at or give us a call at (888) 854-8308. We can’t wait to hear from you!