When applying for jobs, you need to consider all aspects of your life and career—particularly the parts that are available online. It’s no secret that employers are checking up on potential candidates by searching their social profiles—but it may be a surprise to know that even if your info is private, there are still ways for companies to see what you’re posting. 

In order to avoid losing out on a great opportunity because of your social media, here are a few ways to clean it up. 

Remove Inappropriate Posts

A post that may have seemed funny at the time may now read as childish or inappropriate. Comb through your posts on all your social sites, from LinkedIn to Twitter, and remove anything that may not represent who you are today. The current workforce is likely to have social posts dating back from high school and before, so it’s likely that there are a few older posts you forgot about that should probably be deleted before the job process begins. 

Change Your Default Pictures

A profile picture is something everyone can see, so make sure it represents who you are. A LinkedIn picture should be professional and something you’d consider adding to a resume, while a Facebook or Instagram image can be less put together, but should still be appropriate. If you are drinking or in a bathing suit, consider changing it to something more appropriate. If you’re unsure, consider a picture with your family or a shot of you on vacation. 

Unfollow Accounts

One thing many people forgot is that the people they follow is also visible to others. If you are following inappropriate accounts that may raise a red flag to an employer, simply unfollow them. While their content may be funny and harmless, you don’t want to be associated with an account that may have negative connotations. 

Make Your Accomplishments Stand Out

LinkedIn isn’t the only place you can display your professional and personal accomplishments. Pin a tweet to the top of your twitter that you really love or post about a recent project you completed or charity you helped out. By doing this, you’re showing employers the best parts about you right away. 

Do a Check

Most social sites have a feature where you can “view as public” and see what others outside of your network see when they go to your page. Do this and clean up anything that you wouldn’t want them to see. In addition, Google your name along with your state to see what pops up—you’d be surprised at the things Google brings to the forefront and if you aren’t happy with what you see, you may want to work to change that before a potential employer is the one doing the Googling. 

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